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I make my home where the whippoorwill sings High in the trees far from worldly things
Come searching for me through the hot summer breeze to where the cool wind blows through the tall oak trees.
(Instrumental break)
Stay the night with me if your lookin for love, then we'll fly away with the morning doves.
When night time falls on our tall oak bough we'll make a solemn secret lovers vow.
(Instrumental break)
we'll make our home where the whippoorwill deep in the woods while distant wedding bells ring
And we'll make our home where the whippoorwill sings
Donn Scott Shetler © 2020

Lyric Credits: Donn Scott Shetler
Music Credits: Donn Scott Shetler
Producer Credits: Donn Scott Shetler
Performance Credits: Donn Scott Shetler / jill Gross

Song Length: 2:05
Primary Genre: Country-Americana
Secondary Genre: -